Couture Classics

Our foundation is clothing for men: tailored shirts, pants, and leather jackets. Distinctive fabrics and hand-tailored details. Our fashions make a statement of personal style and speak to people who love to wear clothes.

Heart of Downtown Los Angeles

"Locally Made" may seem like an old idea, but it is our reality. Founded in 1993 by designer Carlo Gholami, we design and produce our garments in Los Angeles, maintaining control over quality and design while keeping our soul intact.

Our Showroom

Our Couture customers, old & new, are welcomed to shop our Collection inside of our DTLA Factory.

We make this possible by Appointments Only.

Mon-Fri. 10am-3:45pm

To make an Appointment - Please call or email.

205 E 15th St. (4th floor)

Los Angeles, CA

(not open to the public)

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